national debate format

The registered teams will debate with two other unique teams in each debate.

Likewise there will be four to six debates depending on the number of teams participating.

The opposing teams will be randomly selected by permutation and combination.

There may be one or two debates per day depending on the number of scheduled debates per team.

Each team will be marked per debate.

The total marks earned by each team out of the total number of debates will taken to select the top 81 teams for the National Skirmish.

National Skirmish
  • 81 teams take part in 27 debates with each team competing in just one debate with two opposing teams.
  • 27 teams are selected out from this level.
Combat Level
  • 27 teams compete in 9 debates with each team participating in one debate each.
  • 9 teams are selected from this level.
  • 9 best teams from the Combat level compete in this level.
  • The nine teams compete in 3 debates.
  • 3 finalist teams are selected from this level for the Finals.
  • The three finalist teams take part in three debates with each team having its own proposing statement which the other two oppose.
  • The best performer is chosen as the Winner.