Registrations for Verbattle Kannada 2022 scheduled from 10.08.2022 are ongoing and Interested may register immediately. Verbattle Beginner 2022 - Team Pia Vijay Hege & Tashi Prem from Vidyashilp Academy emerged as the winning team. Team Sahana Murali & Jyothsna Ramanathan and Team Ekansh Sharma & Akul Eshwar Nidagundi, both from Vidyashilp Academy stood as finalist teams. Verbattle Junior 2022 - Team Ayman Ahmed & Aadya Kanchan from Vidyashilp Academy, Bangalore emerged as the winning team. Team Durga V Kalburgi & Aditi R Gandmali from Chinmaya English Primary School Hubballi and Team S B Vyshnavi & Leesa Rose Sanju from Delhi Public School - North, Bangalore stood as finalist teams. Schools associated in Verbattle Karnataka 2022 - Amar Jyothi English School, Anantha Vidyanikethan, BGS International Residential School, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan - Mysore, BNM State School, Chandana English Medium School – Narebail Sirsi, Chetan Public School - Hubballi, Chinmaya English Primary School (CBSE) - Hubballi, Chinmaya Vidyalaya (State) - Hubballi, Delhi Public School - East, Delhi Public School - Electronic City, Delhi Public School -Mysore, Delhi Public School - North, Delhi Public School - South, Dev In Academy for learning, Edify School, Euro School - North, Kensri School, KLE Society's English Meidum School - Manjunathnagar, Hubballi, KLS High School - Belagai, Lawrence High School, Mitra Academy, Nagarjuna Vidya Niketana, National Public School - Koramangala, National Public School - Yeshawanthapur, Nirmala Rani High School,Oriental Public School - Hubballi, Rashtriya Military School - Belagavi, Royale Concorde International - Kalyannagar, Royale Concorde Inernational - Bellandur, RVS International - Dharwad, Sacred Heart English Medium School - Hubballi, Sanskkar English Medium School - Hubballi, School of India, Sindhi High School -KK Road, Shishugriha Montessori & High School, Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir - South, S S M Public School, St.Antony's Public School - Hubballi, St. Paul's School, Vijayanagar, Sudarshan Vidya Mandir (CBSE), Sudarshan Vidya Mandir (ICSE), The Deens Academy - ECC, The Deens Academy - Gunjur, The HDFC School , Triveni Public School, Vidyaniketan Public School - Ullal, Vidyanjali Academy for Learning, Vidyamandir CBSE - Kalaburgi, Vidyashilp Academy, Vyasa International School

Verbattle Junior - Karnataka 2020-21 Online Debate Competition

Call No. Participant 1 Participant 2
1 Soumya P N.Ananth
2 Pranavraj S Parikshit Singh
3 Raina Kareem Anavadhya Ramachand
4 Aarna Shivappa Jaimie Thomas vengal
5 Tanisha Modi Aarthi Varadarajan
6 Yug Agarwal Rohith Sundarraj
7 Aradhya Gupta Rohit Sai
8 Dhruv Ramasubban Aarush Reddy
9 Sila Adarsh Joanna Susan Cherian

Sl.No. Participant 1 Participant 2
1 Yug Agarwal Rohith Sundarraj
2 Soumya P N.Ananth
3 Sila Adarsh Joanna Susan Cherian

Sl.No. School Participant 1 Participant 2
WINNING TEAM Vidyashilp Academy Yug Agarwal Rohith Sundarraj
FINALIST TEAM Delhi Public School Bangalore North Sila Adarsh Joanna Susan Cherian
FINALIST TEAM NPS, Yeshawanthpur Soumya P N.Ananth

Teams qualified for COMBAT round

Participant-1 Participant-2
Adya Verma Mishti Kewalramani
Meghali Dutta V.Srinidhi
Yug Agarwal Rohith Sundarraj
Dharshita J Sai Samvrutha
Kanak Pandey Jyesta
Jasmitha.G Katie Ann Rozario
Tanisha Modi Aarthi Varadarajan
Pranavraj S Parikshit Singh
Manan Chugh Yagya Ahuja
Diya D Nair Vedika Vinod
Ayesha Uzma Korein Fatima Nazmuddin Maroof
Ananya Amareshwar Sheeli Soumya Ravindra Sigi
Aarna Shivappa Jaimie Thomas vengal
Gauravi Tiwari Bhavvya Singh Devra
Trisha Shenoy Aadya Kaushik
Raina Kareem Anavadhya Ramachandran
Sila Adarsh Joanna Susan Cherian
Soumya P N.Ananth
D.Ritanya S.Vaishnavi
Sanika Navya Gupta
Pradhyumnan Ramasubramaniyan Riddhima Singh
Baran Prasad Kalyani.S
Aradhya Gupta Rohit Sai
Shri Raksha V Rao Avani D
Rriddhi Saanvi Saurabh Jhalani
Srijita Datta Roy Meghana Abhijeet Khanolkar
Dhruv Ramasubban Aarush Reddy

FACE- OFF DEBATES – 22.02.2021

Religion is not an alternative to science.

Freedom of speech is a natural right.

The general population will go through technology fatigue in the near future.


Democracy does not foster merit

Loving God is more important than fearing God.

Poor people are more generous.

1. Becoming a TEDx speaker is a great achievement for a kid.

2. Suspension of regular schooling has made most kids lose interest in studies.

3. These days children are getting more importance than what is due to them.

4. Wearing masks will be a mandatory part of social behaviour for a long time into the future.

5. Science is not as dependable as it was made out to be.

6. The rich poor divide has become bigger during the pandemic.

7. Sports will be missing from many young people's lives after the pandemic is gone.

8. Education will be replaced by knowledge gathering for intellectual and personal growth of an individual.

9. People are not interested in going to theatres anymore.

10. Work from home has made the home a messy place.

11. Everyone should have some drama in their lives.

12. Children need social media more than adults.

STATEMENTS FOR TRIAL DEBATES : 3rd & 5th February, 2021

1. Indians are best at talking.

2. Cars should be banned in cities

3. Some dishonesty is okay in business.

4. Only policticians benefit in a democracy.

5. There should be a dress code every where.

STATEMENTS FOR MOCK DEBATES : 1st - 2nd February, 2021

1. Covid has been successful in making the society weak.

2. Print magazines are better than online magazines

3. Online classes are not classes at all.

4. In India, fair complexioned people get better opportunities.

5. Animals have better civic sense than most humans.

6. Language is just a vehicle for expression.

COMBAT DEBATES – 13.02.2021

1.Parents controlling children's behaviour is essential.

2.Emotional people make better leaders

3.Protest is an integral part of democracy

4. Jealousy facilitates growth.

5. Intelligence is a fallacy promoted by those who are physically weak.

6. Ability to write well is the sign of a fine mind.

7. Men & Women are equal only in importance and dignity.

8. Animals have better civic sense than most humans.

9. Language is just a vehicle for expression.


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