Verbattle Senior


About Verbattle Karnataka

Verbattle is different from other debates. There are three teams, and sides are chosen by chance. Oftentimes there can be two teams for the statement and one against, or it is possible for one team to be for the statement and two against it. The teams are given little time to prepare for their one-minute round. Four to five rounds follow, with an opportunity for audience questions. Judges and mentors are also given the chance to ask questions. If the participants are under sixteen, mentors are allowed on the stage. Judgment of the teams is laid out under Judging Verbattle


Owing to many college events happening at the same time in Bangalore, we have decided to postpone the Verbattle Senior Competition to September. Those who are already selected in other zones will be automatically eligible for the state level, but we would also be conducting the Zonal Senior Clamber Rounds once again in September before the state level event. Please co-operate. Please call 9886464641 fore clarifications or more details.

Verbattle Senior

  • Age Group - 18 to 24 years (18 completed as on the first day of the competition and 24 not completed on the last day of the competition)
  • Class : 7th to 10th (to be strictly followed)
  • Levels - Zonal Clamber, Skirmish, Combat, Confrontation, Face-off
  • Scope - Open to participants from all over Karnataka
  • Location - Zonal Clamber in Hubballi, Mangaluru, Davangere, Belagavi and Bengaluru State level Competition in Bengaluru
  • Language - English
  • Event dates - Please see the calendar. Keep yourself updated with any change in dates.
  • Age Relaxation: Strictly 120 days on either side of the limit will be considered for relaxation and not more than that for any reason. Statements: (to be published)


  • Clamber- A cumbersome climb to reach the top while in a large group where everyone is trying to reach the top.
  • Skirmish - A minor fight in a war usually leading to larger actions.
  • Combat - is a purposeful conflict meant to weaken the opponent or establish dominance.
  • Confrontation - a standoff between two equally matched opponents almost on the verge of a decisive stage.
  • Face Off - The Beginning of the Final Game to Finish it off.

Senior Clamber Statements

  • Democracy is inherently illogical .
  • Emotions are associated with femininity.
  • Physical attraction will be diminished in human-beings, in the future.
  • Love is already an outdated idea.
  • Track and field sports are not for cerebral individuals.
  • Popular legislations are more important than right legislations.
  • Psychology is an imperfect science.
  • Indians enjoy being judgmental.
  • College students suffer more from peer pressure than school students.
  • Indian economy is based on myths and fabricated statistics


  • Mysore Venue
  • Pramathi School,
  • Kuvempunagar,
  • Mysore
  • Reporting Time: 10:00 am

Please Note : A simple lunch will be provided to students and mentors at the venue every day of the event. Lunch will not be provided on any day when the event is expected to completed by 1.30pm.