Verbattle Open

Event Dates Tentatively deferred to 2020


Verbattle Foundation invites you to participate in the biggest debate championship in the open category— Verbattle Open 2019 Debate Championship. Verbattle Open is a unique experiment in the history of organized debating.
While debate competitions are normally held in a certain category, in a certain geographical limitation, for a certain age group and under certain conditions, Verbattle Open is a truly open debate, in the sense, it allows participation of anyone aged 16 years and above, belonging to any background and any nationality, to compete by teaming up with anyone, from any background and any nationality as long as the other person too is 16 years and above. The only limitation will be the language of the debate, that is that the debates will be in English.
The Competition will be held starting from the
Combat Round
with 27+ teams. We may limit to 27 teams or we may even accommodate more than 27 teams if need be.
Nine qualifying teams will be selected from the Combat level teams and they will go to the Confrontation Round.
There will be the usual three debate format in the Finals involving all three Finalist Teams.
For further information or to register, kindly send an email to or call us on +91 9886464641
For Online Registration - Registrations are now open
Participation fee per team is Rs.2000/-
Winning Team gets a cash prize of Rs.20000/-.
Other Finalist Teams get a cash prize of Rs.5000/- each.

1. Entry is for people above age of 16 from any field.
2. A team would consist of two participants only.
3. A team is identified by their names.
4.The decision of the judgesand declaration of results shall be final and binding on all participants and no change shall be entertained subsequently under any circumstance.
5.In case of more than one team per institution, the team will have a suffix from a-e depending on the number. Maximum number of teams allowed per institution is five. This rule could be relaxed in special circumstances.
6. Entry fee for registration is Rs.2000/- per team payable online
( )/ by cash /cheque /DD in favour of Verbattle Foundation, payable at Bengaluru.
7. All decisions with regard to the content, scope and structure of the event shall vest with the organisers only. And, all such decisions shall be final and binding on all participants of the event.
8.In case of non-participation by the participants in the team, the team will not be provided with an alternate opportunity to participate and will also not be entitled to seek for a refund of the fee and the individual or team shall stand forfeited.
9. The facts and information submitted in the participation registration as also information furnished by the participants shall be verified by the head of the organization/authorised official and attested as true and correct.
10.. Rules of the participation in the various rounds of the tournament shall be provided along with the format of the qualifying rounds up to the finals, from time to time.
11. All payments have to be made either vide online /DD / cheque/ Cash. DD/Cheque to be drawn in favour of Verbattle Foundation, payable at Bengaluru. Any cash payment without receipt is at the risk of the payer.
12. Should any information be discovered to be incorrect, the organisers reserve the right to disqualify such team and to deny or withhold participation / prize money/any prize or gift to any participant at any level of the tournament and the entry fee will be forfeited. The decision of the organisers in this regard would be final and binding.
13. Any unacceptable or indecent behaviour by any participant will invite immediate disqualification for the team.
14. The Chief Moderator or any other designated moderator may cancel a debate, restructure a debate, reassign statements, or even stop a debate midway or may even interrupt if need be, in the interest of the spirit and conduct of the competition with or without any explanation or justification. Such a decision by the moderator should be accepted, respected and adhered to by the concerned teams.
15. Entry fee once paid will not be paid back under any circumstance and is not transferable. 16. In case of the results of the debate, the decision of the judges will be final in consultation with the chief moderator. No dispute and disagreement will be entertained thereafter.
17. The participant should be prepared to endure criticism, defeat or unpleasant comments by any person during the tournament. Any injury or other bodily distress inflicted by any participant upon himself/herself shall be deemed to have arisen from a failure of either the participant, the parents or of the institution (or both) by not ascertaining the risks the attendant faces in such competitions/ tournaments. All participants, their parents or guardians and the concerned institution hereby agree to hold the organizers of the /competition/tournament as well as the sponsors, judges and other persons involved with the competition/tournament waive their right to initiate any claim for damages in respect of any emotional or physical injury or distress suffered by any participant.
18. Food and facilities at the event location will be provided depending on availability of sponsorship, otherwise participants have to make their own arrangement. Verbattle does not assure food, local travel or any extra facilities during the event.
19. Filming the event and also showing some participants or debate is entirely the discretion of the producer in charge of filming. No participant can claim the right to be filmed, visually documented to be shown on TV or any other medium. Verbattle reserves the right to use any recorded visuals from the event or the event location for its own purposes.
20. The Prize money for the competition will be issued by cheque/transfer to individual winners. The same will be processed within 120 days of the completion of the event and it will be subject to any tax or deductions, if any, at the time of disbursal. Certificates will be issued to the participants as determined by the organizers