Training Programs

Verbattle Foundation offers unique and specialized training programs in Debate Education,Competitive Debating,Language and Communication Enrichment and Leadership Development
Debate Education For Teachers
Debate Education is the technique of employing the science and the scope of debate in teaching processes and in the learning experience of a student in the classroom. The workshop deals with creating awareness among teachers about the importance of debate in a classroom by dealing with aspects such as; how debates promote faculties such as logical, critical, analytical, lateral and competitive thinking, with special emphasis on reasoning and rationality. This has the general aim to build scientific temperament in students.
Basics of effective communication
The art and science of thinking
Types of thinking with special emphasis on critical, lateral and competitive thinking.
Importance of debate,
The science of debate
Debate for development of comprehension and cognitive skills.
Debate as a tool for learning.
The session culminates with activities and concludes with inferences and a presentation by the participants.
Competitive Debating For Teachers
The workshop deals with building academic awareness among participants about competitive debates that are basically formal debate techniques. This workshop aims at making teachers understand and internalize the importance of students’ participation in debate competitions. It also gives insights into the methods of argumentation, importance of logic and its benefits, critical and lateral thinking and employment of the same in a formal debate with tips and general inputs for debate coaching and debate training.
Basics of Good Communication
Public Speaking
Discussion v/s debates
Importance of Logic
Employment of Logic in Debate
Structuring a Debate
Elements of a Good Debate
Types of Debate with Special Emphasis on Verbattle
Tips for Debate Coaching
Tracking Improvement and Creating Champions.
Language and Communication Enrichment For Students
Effective Communication comes with effortless usage of simple language to convey in a way to make oneself understandable. To use the language to one's own advantage is not just an ability but also a talent that can be nurtured and developed. The workshop aims to deal with the established facts about language and communication training in addition to helping the participants understand the secrets which every individual can put to use to become and effective and sensible communicator. The workshop deals with interpersonal communication, public speaking and also about macro communication methods, by also touching topics like media and broadcast in general.
The participants in the end would be able to have a better perspective about language and communication and also clear all their doubts with the resource person who is an expert in public speaking and mass media.
Sound and Voice
Understanding Communication
Rules of Communication
Good Communication
Interpersonal Communication
Reading Skills
Public Speaking
Effective Communication with Techniques
The session culminates with numerous exercises and group activities.
Leadership Development For Teachers
Effective communication, decision making and people management are the hallmarks of good leadership. The workshop aims to develop leadership skills in a teacher to ensure that he/she would be able to display firm and desirable leadership qualities while dealing with students, while conducting oneself in the classroom and with the students in general and also to impart such qualities in the students.,
Good leadership is the result of better insights into the social and person conduct of people we deal with. Effective leadership is achievable by ensuring that the person who desires to be a leader makes some structural and systemic changes in the personality as well as the behaviour that would include, speech, conduct, attitudes, approach and how one connects with and relates to the others. This workshop tries to work on the more serviceable aspects of the personality such as Speech, Thinking, Decision Making, Action, Body language, Conflict resolution, Problem solving and Role Playing. This workshop works well as part of a full-fledged Communication Program and also as a stand-alone Leadership module as chosen by the client.
Effective Communication
Elements of Leadership
Public Conduct
Body Language
Public Speaking
Problem Solving
Decision Making
Analytical Thinking
Persuasion and Rhetoric
Presenting oneself
Ideating and Winning
Verbattle has been working with teachers and students for over 15 years now and has conducted hundreds of workshops in addition to the resource person having given talks about leadership in dozens of institutions. The experience of the Chief Resource Person as a political analyst, journalist and communication expert with specialization in mass media makes this a great learning experience for the participants.
1) Workshop for Teachers: One day |40-50 teachers
2) Workshop for Teachers, with Certificates: One day |Minimum 30 teachers
3) Workshop for Students: One day |Minimum 30 students
Age Groups:
The program is done for FOUR age groups
8 – 12 years
12 – 16 years
16 – 18 years
18 – 24 years
Language, Communication and Leadership Programs for students
18 hours activity | 3 days x 6 hours/day | 2-3 visits per month
1. Verbal Skills
2. Language Skills
3. Thinking Skills
4. Competitive / Logical / Analytical types of thinking
5. Learning Skills
6. Effective Speaking
7. Debating Skills
8. Public Speaking
9. Social Intelligence
10. Leadership
11. Personality
12. Presentation