Verbattle National (Junior)

Event dates 27th Nov. - 4th Dec, 2019

National (Junior)


Verbattle National Level School Debate Championship - Junior | 27th Nov. - 4th Dec, 2019
Verbattle, established in 2005 is a registered not for profit foundation. It is recognized as the biggest professional debate promotion and coaching organization in India with activities now in many countries all over the world. Verbattle essentially employs Logic, Democratic Values and Competitive Thinking to effectively conduct its activities in an impacting manner.
Verbattle conducts the large scale debate competitions with its unique and world renowned format. This format helps the participating children and youth to not just test their debating skills but also their knowledge and the quality of thinking.
Verbattle is well known for its biggest Debate Competition in Karnataka and elsewhere in the country and also its programs and activities in Europe and other parts of the world. Verbattle had been planning a National level competition for many years now and that dream had come to shape and now we are rolling out the second edition of our Biggest National Level debate competition - Junior, for school students. This is being organized in Bengaluru from 27th Nov. - 4th Dec. 2019 ; tentative venue being Ravindra Kalakshethra, Bengaluru. Exact venue will be confirmed to the registered participants.
This is a unique event to promote democratic, social, communication, intellectual, knowledge and scholastic skills in school students. This event also endeavours to discover young opinion leaders and foster leadership qualities in children. The National level competition will attract teams from schools from all over India with major participation from Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi.
School students in the age group of 12 to 16 years also studying in a class from 7th to 10th are eligible to participate.
The competition in English will be a league tournament at the first level, with each team having to compete in not fewer than five debates and up to a maximum of six debates in case of a tie. The second level will be the Verbattle format with three teams on stage, with two debating 'for' and one 'against', or one 'for' and two 'against'.
Event Calendar:
* 27th November, 2019 - Workshop & Boot camp
* 28-30 November, 2019 - League Competitions 1,2,3
* 01st December, 2019 - Sunday - Off
* 2nd & 3rd December, 2019 - Combat Rounds
* 4th December, 2019 - Confrontation in the morning session / Face off in the afternoon session
Prizes and other details:
* Winning Team : Rs. Two Lakhs
* Finalist Teams(2 Teams) : Rs. Fifty Thousand Each
* Best Speaker at Skirmish - Rs. Ten Thousand.
* Winning Team's Mentor: Rs. Twenty Thousand.
Trophies and Certificates:
Trophies will be given to the Champions and Certificates will be given to all participants according to the level of participation.
Registration Fee:
* The fee of Rs 4000 for outstation team includes :
- Participation fee of Rs 2,000
- Food & Accommodation for two members of team and one registered mentor. (If there are more teams from one institution a max of two registered mentors will be accommodated for more than one team per institution. )
- Travel from and to the airport/railway station/bus stand in Bengaluru on scheduled dates at stipulated timings.

* Students from Bengaluru city Schools: Rs. 2,000
- without accommodation
Accommodation :
* Accommodation will be provided in some comfortable facility near the campus.
* Any additional mentor/accompanying adult will pay Rs. 2000.
* Clean standard A/c rooms close to the venue.
* Twin sharing for adults.
* Triple sharing and Quad sharing for students.
Food :
* For students from Bangalore Schools - Coffee/Tea Lunch and Evening Snack.
* For Resident Teams : Breakfast, Tea during break, Lunch, Evening Snack and Dinner. Menu will be announced on 26th November 2019
Local Travel :
* Verbattle would organize pick up drop from Airport / Bus Stand / Railway Station.
* Pick up and drop to and fro between Accommodation and Venue for all resident teams.
* A tour of the city will be organized for interested students on one of the evenings.
Venue :
* Tentatively Ravindra Kalakshetra, Bengaluru
* Date: 27th Nov. - 4th Dec.
It would be a great opportunity for schools and students to be a part of this great knowledge sport in India.
Parents and Schools are requested to kindly encourage students to look at the benefit of preparing for and participating in Verbattle. The benefits are far-reaching and long term. With support, we can make Verbattle realize its goal of establishing a sound culture of debate in India, along with reinforcement of responsible free speech.
More details of the competition may be found on or calling the helpline +91-9886464641