The first ever National Level Competition of Verbattle with its unique debate format will be held in January 2019, in Bengaluru.
The competition will be a league tournament at the first level, with each team having to compete in not fewer than five debates and up to a maximum of seven debates in case of a tie.


  • *  School students in the age group of 12 to 16 years also studying in a class from 7th to 10th.
    (All other relevant rules)

Debate Format:

  • *  The registered teams will debate with two other unique teams in each debate.
  • *  Likewise there will be four to six debates depending on the number of teams participating.
  • *  The opposing teams will be randomly selected by permutation and combination.
  •

Debate Statements:

  • *  The debate statements for the League will be announced on the 15th of January, 2019.
  • *  The debate statements for National Skirmish will be announced on 19th January, 2019.
  • *  The debate statements for National Combat will be announced the previous night at 9pm.
  • *  The debate statements for National Confrontation will be announced 3 hours before the competition.
  • *  The National Championship Face Off will be done according to the usual format.
  • *  The sample statements can be found on the website. If you do want a list of sample statements please write for a copy of the same to

League Debate Statements:

Download: Debate Statements


  • *  Winning Team : Rs. Two Lakhs
  • *  Finalist Teams(2 Teams) : Rs. Fifty Thousand Each
    • - Best Speaker at Skirmish - Rs. Twenty Thousand.
  • *  Winning Team's Mentor: Rs. Twenty Thousand.

Registration Fee:

  • *  The fee of Rs 3200 for outstation team includes :
    • - Participation fee of Rs 1200
    • - Food & Accommodation for two members of team and one registered mentor. (If there are more teams from one institution a max of two registered mentors will be accommodated for more than one team per institution. )
    • - Travel from and to the airport/railway station/bus stand in Bengaluru on scheduled dates at stipulated timings.
  • *  Students from Bengaluru city Schools: Rs. 1,200

Accommodation :

  • *  Accommodation will be provided in some comfortable facility near the campus.
  • *  Any additional mentor/accompanying adult will pay Rs. 2000.
  • *  Clean standard A/c rooms close to the venue.
  • *  Twin sharing for adults.
  • *  Triple sharing and Quad sharing for students.

Food :

  • *  For students from Bangalore Schools - Coffee/Tea Lunch and Evening Snack.
  • *  For Resident Teams : Breakfast, Tea during break, Lunch, Evening Snack and Dinner. Menu will be announced on 17th January.

Local Travel :

  • *  Verbattle would organize pick up drop from Airport / Bus Stand / Railway Station in Bengaluru city limits only.
  • *  Pick up and drop to and fro between Accommodation and Venue for all resident teams.
  • *  A tour of the city will be organized for interested students on one of the evenings.

Venue :

  • *  Dayanand Sagar Institutions Campus, Kumaraswamy Layout, Bengaluru.
  • *  Date : 18th to 25th Jan, 2019.

Dress Code :

  • *  Participants are expected to go on the stage in full school uniform. They may wear any other dress including uniform when not competing.
  • *  Mentors are expected to be dressed in non-casual or formal attire as they would dress for a class in school.

Mentors :

  • *  It is mandatory for teams to be accompanied by mentors.
  • *  Max three teams may share one mentor, while ideally only one or two teams should have one mentor to avoid any confusion or non availability of mentor in case of a clash in scheduling.
  • *  Mentors need not be teachers alone. The teams could even bring any adult as mentor. Mentors cannot be changed for the respective teams once they are registered and entered in the logs. But a mentor from a school may assist a different team belonging to the same school/institution.

Boot Camp :

  • *  For teams that have not experienced Verbattle before and also for those who have not experienced the League part of the format, the BOOT CAMP would help immensely to understand the competition and the format.
  • *  Tips and instructions about the event will also be given in the BOOT CAMP. There will be many mock debates in which teams may participate and also interact with those who have participated before.

I love argument, I love debate. I don't expect anyone just to sit there and agree with me, that's not their job.

- Margaret Thatcher

Note : Please register before January 18th so you do not face any inconvenience with scheduling, food and accommodation.

Daily Timetable

Date Time Activities
18-01-2018 11 am Assembly and Orientation
12 noon to 4 pm Mock debates and training
19th to 25th 10 am Assembly and announcements
11 am Commencement of Debates
12.30 - 1 pm Lunch Break
1- 4 pm Debates
4pm Closing announcements

Note: Students and mentors are expected to be on time on all days.


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