General FAQs

General FAQs

1 - What is Verbattle?

Verbattle is a debate and dialogue platform for children and youth, aimed at exchange of thoughts and ideas

2 - What is the meaning of the word 'verbattle'?

Verbattle is a word coined by the founder of the organization. It is an acronym of verbal battle.

3 - Who founded Verbattle?

Verbattle was founded by Deepak Thimaya, a resident of Bangalore, India. He is a media person and is also well-known in the fields of communication, training, education, film-making arts, and journalism. He produces and hosts many popular TV shows in Karnataka.

4 - When was Verbattle born?

Verbattle was born in October, 2005.

5 - Why was Verbattle founded?

The founder of Verbattle, Deepak Thimaya, realised that while many countries had major debating championships, India, the biggest democracy in the world, did not have a large debating culture. No culture was found in its education system by way of competitions, or in the public domain. So he thought of starting a debating activity that would be on par with any international debating activity

Thimaya, who had been working as a media person and also as a communications specialist, thought that as debating played an indisputable and responsible role in strengthening democratic systems and practices in our society, the format of Verbattle could most importantly not only instill qualities of tolerance and understanding, but also be used as an effective tool for conflict resolution - be it at a personal level or between nations. Hence Verbattle was established as an all-encompassing solution for all the communication and public dominion challenges in our society, not only as a highly achievable model but also as something applicable to many facets of every individual's life.

6 - So who does Verbattle target?

Verbattle works with children and youth and targets the general public as audience.

7 - What are the competitions of Verbattle?

Verbattle organizes competitions, tournaments, and online competitions for children, college students, teachers, women, professionals, and the general public.

8 - What competitions does Verbattle have for students??

Verbattle organizes competitions for students in the age group of 8 to 24 years in three categories: Verbattle Beginner for children in the age group of 8 to 12 years; Verbattle Junior for students in the age group of 12 (completed) to 16 years; and Verbattle Senior for students in the age group of 16 (completed) to 24 years.

9 - Is Verbattle only into competitions?

No, Verbattle now is not just restricted to competitions. It is also organizing debate competitions, training debaters, leadership development, and promotion of democratic values.

10 - So where are the competitions held?

Verbattle started its competitions in Karnataka and since then competitions have been regularly held in the state. From last year Verbattle has expanded out of Karnataka and the first Verbattle South event involving students from four states; Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu was held. This year, Verbattle is working towards organizing Verbattle National.

11 - What are the prizes?

Verbattle started its competitions in Karnataka and since then competitions have been regularly held in the state. Verbattle has expanded out of Karnataka and the first Verbattle South event involving students from four states has been held; Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu were the states involved. Verbattle is also being developed nationally and internationally.

12 - What is Verbattle Club?

Verbattle Club is a year-long activity organized in interested schools for their students where students are trained in debates and are motivated to develop leadership skills and qualities.

13 - Is Verbattle an organization or a company?

Verbattle has been a registered non-profit organization since May 2013.

14 - What is the current structure of Verbattle?

Mr. Deepak Thimaya is the Founder President of the Trust and Mr. Vinayaka Ramakrishna, another long–standing associate of Verbattle, is Vice-President cum Chief Operating Officer. Verbattle has a team of efficient young people at its head office in Bangalore and has appointed many associates and liaison officers all over the world. Verbattle also employs people only on an as and when required basis.

15 - How is Verbattle funded?

Verbattle gets funds from three different sources

  • Sponsors for competitions and events
  • By way of entry fee and participation fee collected for various competitions and programs
  • Donations made by some friends and well-wishers.

16 - Which are the other organizations Verbattle is associated with?

Verbattle is formally associated with International Debate Education Association (IDEA) as its Indian partner and The Global Debates. It also has mutual interest association with many other international organizations, including World Debate Institute and South Asian Institute for Debates.

17 - Is there any other advisory or managing system?

Verbattle has constituted an advisory board consisting of some prominent individuals, including Dr Panduranga Setty, Chairperson - RV Institutions and a prominent entrepreneur. Dr Alfred Snider - Professor of Forensics (Argumentation and Rhetoric) and Prof. Radhakrishna - well-known writer and educationist in Karnataka and others.

18 - What are the plans of Verbattle for the immediate future and long term?

Verbattle is currently planning and organizing the following:

  • Verbattle Karnataka in English (Beginner, Junior and Senior)
  • Verbattle Kannada (Senior)
  • Verbattle Tamil Nadu
  • Verbattle South
  • Verbattle National
  • Verbattle International
  • Verbattle Corporate
  • Development of online debate on its website.
  • Training programs for students and teachers.

19 - Who is currently organizing the activities?

Verbattle's activities are planned and organized currently by TV House Network Pvt. Ltd., a media and events organization based in Bangalore. Verbattle is on the lookout for tie-ups with major national TV channels to show its recorded events.

20 - What is Verbattle looking for?

Verbattle is looking for financial support, sponsorships, partnerships, mutually beneficial association, and any other contribution to make the organization self-sufficient, self-reliant and stable.



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