About the Foundation

Verbattle Foundation, a registered non-profit, has been set up to instil qualities of tolerance and understanding in the society, in addition to its goal to work as an effective tool for conflict resolution - be it at a personal level or between nations.

Verbattle was established as an all-encompassing solution for all communication and public domain challenges in our society. The programs and activities have now evolved into being highly achievable and replicable models that can positively impact many facets of every individual's life.

What started as a small initiative in 2005 has now become an international movement to make the world a better place.

Verbattle is a registered trademark owned by Verbattle Foundation. All donations to Verbattle Foundation are tax exempt under section 80G in India.

Verbattle organises one of the biggest intellectual activities for children and youth, mainly through its unique and internationally-acclaimed debate format. Verbattle Foundation, is an international non-profit organization with partners in the United States of America, the European Union, India and Canada.

Verbattle’s initiatives include debates, clubs, competitions, workshops, conferences, capacity building programs and supporting activities to promote the spirit and values of democracy.

Objectives of Verbattle

  • To promote a culture of responsible debating.
  • To develop rationality and logical thinking among children particularly and youth and the public in general.
  • To instill the values of democracy and democratic ways in children and youth.
  • To train students in debate and debate-related activities.
  • To sensitize children to civic society and public life.
  • To develop leadership in children and youth and give training in leadership skills.
  • To train children in communication and language skills.
  • To develop social responsibility among children and youth.
  • To increase tolerance, inclusiveness and brotherhood in the society.

Activities of Verbattle

  • Debate competitions.
  • Leadership training programs.
  • Democracy appreciation activities.
  • Communication training programs.
  • Teacher training programs.
  • Social awareness and civic sense activities
  • Conferences on emerging ideas for the benefit of the society.
  • Knowledge building exercises.

What has Verbattle delivered till date?

Over the past ten years, Verbattle has conducted numerous large scale debate competitions for school and college students. Verbattle has also held numerous training programs for children and college students to build self-awareness, confidence, and leadership qualities in them. Verbattle has consistently promoted the values of democracy among children and youth and also has conducted various activities to drive the message home. Verbattle has conducted many teacher training programs and also contact programs with parents and other members of the society. Verbattle has brought some of the best minds in society to interact with students in order to create awareness in them and also to sensitize them about public life and democratic systems and processes.

How Verbattle can help society?

Verbattle believes that democracy is the only way forward, and unless our children and youth know the value of democracy and a democratic way of life, there is no future for democracy, and there will be no peace in the world in the future.

Verbattle believes that children and youth should be made to realize the importance of peaceful ways of solving conflict and dealing with dissent. Verbattle aims to make children more understanding, tolerant and have an inclusive and positive attitude. Verbattle aims at creating good citizens for tomorrow.

What are the future plans?

Verbattle aims to popularize its debate format in every corner of the world. The organization wants to reach every school child and youth as the champion of conflict resolution through verbal civil interaction, by way of debate and dialogue. Verbattle envisions partnerships with many like-minded organizations throughout the world, with a major partner in each country.

As an ultimate goal, Verbattle would be involved in the spread of democracy throughout the world for the establishment of vibrant and practical democratic processes and systems in all aspects of public functions.




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