Verbattle Academy offers the best of debate and leadership training, in the silicon valley of India.

Join the expert faculty and aspiring students from around the world in a debate experience never to be forgotten.

Verbattle Academy is a leading provider of debate education, training, resources and events to educators and young people across the world.

Verbattle partners with schools and universities, debate organisations, community groups, business houses, foundations, NGOs, and governments to achieve its goals.

Teachers can apply for the teacher track with daily instruction in teaching and training school debaters.

Students can apply for various programs announced by the academy.

Verbattle Academy is the offshoot of the Verbattle Global Initiative. After years of successful competitions, teacher training programs, debate coaching camps, leadership development courses, Verbattle, now, has embarked upon this endeavour to offer a regular communication and leadership programs for school students with special emphasis on creative thinking and debate training

The aim of the Academy is to achieve the following objectives

  • To facilitate multi-dimensional learning
  • To provide a natural learning environment
  • To ensure self development in participants
  • To assist the participants to develop communication and social skills
  • To bring about personality development and leadership in participants
  • To make participants more creative, tolerant and inclusive thinking and also develop positive attitudes, approach and behaviour
  • To make participants adept in personal social interactions
  • To develop logical and multi faceted thinking abilities

The courses

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The Focus

  • Speaking Skills
  • Language Skills
  • Voice Improvement
  • Reading Skills
  • Memory
  • Narration and Presentation
  • Self Analysis
  • Self Improvement
  • Interaction
  • Social Behaviour
  • Story Telling
  • Debate
  • Drama
  • Democratic Attitude Development
  • Democratic Practices
  • Tolerance Building
  • Interpersonal Understanding and Communication
  • Social Skills
  • Street skills
  • Survival Skills
  • Group Discussion
  • Decision making
  • Convincing skills
  • Winning skills
  • Self Development
  • People skills



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